1. The individual textbooks (Contract, Crime, Human Rights, Jurisprudence, Legal System and Tort) cover the A Level Law syllabus for all examination boards.

2. The textbooks contain an accurate description of the law in England and Wales as at 1 September in any particular year. However, revised editions are sent free of charge to subscribers in the event of significant changes to the law between publications.

3. Although the textbooks are in print ready .pdf format, they are usually read on PCs and tablets. Hence, they contain many internet links.

4. Purchasers are automatically subscribed, free of charge, to the Law Updater Service which includes Law News and the full and edited judgments, together with evaluations, of new cases.


5. Full and edited versions of the cited judgments are included, together with relevant statutes. Structured notes and ‘birds eye view’ charts are also included for revision purposes. The notes are in editable Word.doc format for students to amend as they so wish.


Full Suite of Textbooks and Additional Materials £95

NOTE The textbooks and additional materials purchased by Schools and Colleges permit access by all staff and students.

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