A Level Law is a demanding course. Legal principles are often difficult to grasp at first pass. And so you will not be alone in finding parts of this course difficult. If it's any consolation, even judges fail to grasp the law! That's one reason why we have a system of appeals.

However, the study of law does not have to be daunting! If you follow the course carefully and put in a reasonable amount of work, then you cannot fail. If you are prepared to work hard then you will get an A* pass.

The programme is updated annually and accurately represents the law in England & Wales as at 1 September in any particular year. Thereafter, updates are available in DOWNLOADS.

Examination boards stipulate that presenting the law as at 12 months preceding an examination is acceptable. Hence, those students who are not interested in reading law at University should not be unduly concerned with any updates. The converse is the case for those students who are intending to read law.

The programme follows the syllabus set by all the examination boards.

The resource also includes textbooks in print ready .pdf format.